Asbestos Removal Los Angeles

I recently traveled on business by air.  You know how it is when you sit on a plane by yourself and start up a conversation with your neighbor passenger.  Well this was a very unique opportunity that came about.  I saw the gentleman next to me reading a book about environmental hazards.  I asked him politely what he was reading about and he gladly explained that he performed asbestos removal in the Los Angeles area.  I didn’t even know what asbestos removal meant.  I actually had a chuckle when he told me as I thought he was making it up.  It could have been a foreign language for all I knew.los angeles asbestos removal

It’s not typical that someone who is reading on a flight actually puts down their reading and engages in a conversation with you.  I think this gentleman actually knew that I was very interested in finding out what asbestos removal was.  He started talking and explaining what asbestos was and where it’s most likely to be found.  Let’s just say he went on and on for just about the entire flight.  I felt as if I was now an asbestos removal expert.

One of the main conversations was me asking him how and why he got into the asbestos removal industry.  He was quick to explain that he was in college out at UC Berkeley (University of California at Berkeley) going to be a doctor and had to take several different science and biology classes to receive the credits to graduate.  He attended a class that actually required him to visit a hazardous waste removal company and do a research paper on it.  It was there that he had the “ah ha” moment and realized that becoming a doctor was going to cost a lot more money than to get into the environmental business.  He learned that most asbestos removal projects are paid by insurance.  He also learned that the insurance industry doesn’t discount asbestos services nor any other environmental services.  It was if he saw the light at the end of the tunnel realizing that doctors are getting eaten up alive from insurance companies discounting the fees.  One main reason that he picked the asbestos industry was that there was a true need for it and really not a lot of competition.asbestos removal los angeles

Let’s just say that I was truly impressed with his rationality about getting into environmental services and specifically asbestos removal.  Not only did he tell me all about asbestos but he told me the illnesses that asbestos can cause.  By choosing asbestos removal over becoming a doctor actually seems like he’s saving lives in this industry too.

One more tiny bit of information was how he chose his company’s name.  He said he definitely wanted “environmental” in the title and the word pro.  That’s how he came up with Environmental Pros.

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