Review of Reno Air Conditioning Repair

It is the hottest day of the year and all of a  sudden your air conditioner stops working.  Calling an air conditioning repair in Reno is your best move, but keep in mind they may take a while to get to you because you are definitely not the only household in your city with the same problem.  In the meantime, here are some things you might want to check while you are waiting.

The Motor Will Not Turn On

Make sure the breaker has not been tripped.  For most air conditioning units there are two separate breakers.  There is a breaker for the fan and one for the condenser.  Turn off the breakers then flip them back on, if one of the breakers flips off, there might be some faulty wiring which would require an air conditioning repair company to come in and do the repairs.

Check of overflow shut-off switch.  Many times the drain line is clogged which automatically switches off the power.  If you drain the clogged line and the switch still does not work, hiring an air conditioning repair company is your best bet.

Check to See if the Refrigerant is Leaking

There are two reasons the refrigerant is off is because it is leaking for was undercharged during installation.  The refrigerant must be installed to the manufactures specifications so be sure to have the manual around to see what it calls for.

For the most part, when the air conditioning company is installing a unit, they are very precise about charging the refrigeranHowever, if  If you see an ever, it really is better to have a professional fix the leak.  Keep in mind if your air conditioner is older, you may need to have it replaced.  Calling an air conditioning repair company in Reno would be wise as they can let you know what air conditioning systems would work best in your home.

Check to See if the Coil is Frozen

If the coil is frozen, the first thing you should check is the filter.  Filters are made to collect debris and dirt.  If it is filled with debris and dirt, clean it completely and replace.  If that does not work, the refrigerant might be low or have a leak.  If that is the case you will want to call an air conditioning repair company.

To thaw the coil, just turn off the air conditioning unit and just run the fan.  Keep in mind if your air condition coil freezes up again the line may be damaged and calling an air conditioning repair company would be the best thing to do.

When You Turn on Your Air Conditioner There is a Terrible Smell

Water has a nasty habit of building up bacteria which can cause the air that is blowing to smell like vinegar or urinYou can check several other things heck, but check your filter to see if it has any mold or debris clogging it up.  Be sure to check for damage or if an animal got inside your air conditioner.  You may just need to replace your filter.

If changing the filter and removing debris in and around your air conditioner does not stop the foul smell, you should can an air conditioning repair company.